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Abramovych & Minin Studio is a brand of footwear and clothing established through friendship and productive collaboration of two Ukrainians by origin, revolutionaries and innovators by purpose: art dealer Igor Abramovych and artist Roman Minin. They developed stylish and unique designs of wardrobe items for modern city dwellers with fragments of Minin's famous paintings.

Igor Abramovich is an art dealer giving advice on issues of contemporary Ukrainian art and helping create painting collections in Ukraine. Promotes cooperation between Ukrainian painters and renown auction houses of the world — Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Phillips and Bonhams.
Believes that nowadays national art is becoming a worthy partner of international cultural dialogue.

Roman Minin is a Ukrainian artist born in Donetsk region. The scope of his work includes painting, street art, decorative art, photography and even music. In 2016 he headed the list of the most promising artists of Ukraine according to Forbes. His works are sold at Sotheby's and Phillips, the world's largest auction houses.

Yes, we decided that everyone should own an art object, and not necessarily a picture or a sculpture. It can be things that accompany us every day. Yes, we took all our courage, perseverance and a bit of fear and went to manufacturers. Yes, we got the first samples, we realized that they were not good enough, so we found the best manufacturers. Yes, we re-designed the packaging three times, but made it perfect. Yes, we made a limited series of T-shirts, each of which has a unique serial number. Yes, we made our products with the same love with which you will be wearing them.

Peace. Love. Your A&M Studio.