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"Carpet of Promises" sneakers

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3999 UAH

Remind that it is the given promises that unite all of us on this big Earth.

Based on Roman Minin's painting of the same name.

Artist's quote about the painting: "Promises should be big, so I made this stained-glass window measuring 15x25 meters and exhibited it in America in 2016. Promises should be beautiful, so I made this picture vivid, full of beauty. Promises should inspire, so I made the composition epic as strength of heroes. Promises should be eternal, so I painted ancient symbols and eternal stories. Promises can be broken, so I chose the technique of colored glass. Promises wove our entire reality and tied us, so I called this picture "Carpet of Promises". Feel yourself a part of this monumental beauty. Feel the power of promises. This is what unites us."

Model: high.
Material: cotton, rubber.
Size: 36-45.