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"Ukrainian Mantra" sneakers (purple)

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3999 UAH

Embody the image of Ukrainian kobzar (itinerant bard), who sings his wise songs to everyone who is willing to hear him.

Based on Roman Minin's painting of the same name.

Artist's quote about the painting: "This is a musical picture-mantra. It is about those who have to pass a hard test now, "to think with their own head" and make their choice. We ourselves are "the representatives of Ukraine at the international level", we are understanding modern art step by step, experimenting with it. I'm glad to be a part of this, to feel a wave of positive hopes and expectations together with you. Let the beauty and positivity be in each of us as well as around us! After all, there is such a mantra: From the East to the West all must know Ukraine's the Best! So be it."

Model: low.
Material: cotton, rubber.
Size: 36-45.